Open Water Diver (OWD)

Price 365.00

This course can be accessed by children as young as 10 years of age (depending on the association according to which the course is being organized), with the note that the consent of parents or guardians are required for candidates under the age of 18 years. No prior knowledge of diving is necessary. A minimum of 6 dives are mandatory for this course.

The course is based on a six-day diving course. It is held in small groups with the expert guidance of a diving instructor. The OWD course consists of a minimum of 6 dives with 6-11 interactive theoretical video presentations and the basic diving exercises which are taught during this course in accordance with the latest trends in diving.

After the first three dives from the beach and the adoption of the basic exercises which are necessary for safe diving, participants go on dives with a boat and dive up to 18m of depth.




After completion of the course, candidates gain an internationally recognized certificate of one of the diving associations (depending on the association according to which the course is being organized).

Children from 10-15 years of age will receive a certificate on completion of the OW JUNIOR course, and after 15 years of age they will automatically receive a certificate of having passed the OWD course without additional courses.

The specificity of OW JUNIOR is that children from 10 to 12 years of age have a limit to the depth of the dive and not allowed to dive deeper than 12m in depth.